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FOSDEM 2019, PHP and JS random picks

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Gathering here a few topics that were shared about PHP and JS in the devrooms.

PHP & Friends

The First Contact

This session from Andreas Heigl was mostly about UX, showing how to avoid (or fix) common mistakes on forms, with diversity and accessibility in mind. Name fields, captcha, asking birthdate and password, preventing copy/paste, security questions, error messages, ... are deserving way better solutions. Truly inspiring.


Profiling PHP applications

Ike Devolder gave use a few clues to identify bottlenecks, what to do when slowness happens in production and a nice comparison of the following profiling tools:


Working with Webhooks

With her vibrant energy and a demo of Nexmo, Lorna Mitchell explained how webhooks are improving the integration between systems by reversing the client - server communication. Great to see how ngrok is improving the developer experience by providing public url for exposing your local web server.


Functions as a Service

Debunking the myths about serverless with PHP history. Sven Finke demonstrated that this concept is existing since a long time in the PHP world and provided a few examples of implementation of PHP FaaS.

Async PHP Requests & Reactive Responses with PHP-FPM

Holger Woltersdorf looks in the Javascript async / callback model and applies it to PHP with a PHP fast CGI client.


Developing data structures for JavaScript

Beyond Array, Object, Map and Set, this talk from Guillaume Plique was about implementing efficient data structures like Graph, QuadTree, LinkedList, ... with the challenges of Javascript, the costly operations (lookup, object allocation, type mixing, nesting functions) and the tools provided by the language like Byte arrays.

Slides  | Graphology | Sigma.js | Mnemonist

Free Open Source Corporate JavaScript Stacks

Large enterprises are using open source solutions in the JavaScript ecosystem and are sharing their stacks, among others: Krakenjs (Paypal), Open Source at Uber, Financial Times GitHub.

Less painful E2E tests with

Developer centric is the key of this end-to-end testing framework, Pavel Kruhlei compared it with Selenium, Puppeteer or TestCafé with the advantages and trade-offs.


Testing GraphQL in your JavaScript application

Roy Derks covered unit testing for Javascript with Mocha, Enzyme, Chai or Jest, to focus then of EasyGraphQL tester for queries, mutations and schemas.

Code examples with React / Apollo

Web Components are the future. And the future is now!

About wrapping HTML, Javascript and CSS into Web Components and reusing them into other frameworks like React, Davy Engone is showing us the path by talking about Custom Elements and Shadow DOM support in modern browsers.


VR Map: Putting OpenStreetMap Data Into a WebVR World

Simple GeoData visualization with A-Frame and Overpass API, Robert Kaiser gives a new perspective to OpenStreetMap.

Live demo | Code | Slides