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Drupal Earth, lift-off 🚀

Photo by Kurt Cotoaga on Unsplash

The planet Drupal has now some data visualization based on Three.js an D3.js

This project started as a playground to become a bit more familiar with Python, aggregating data from the APIs to answer two specific questions: where are the Drupal peeps out there and what is the greatest distance between 2 Drupal contributors?

Then a few other questions quickly followed:

  • how are they contributing?
  • which languages are they talking?
  • how many core contributors joined, by year?
  • what are they working on?
  • ...

It would also be nice to answer questions related to projects:

  • what is the core version usage by year
  • and get the same idea for contributed projects

While some of these data are available as is on, I wanted a new way to visualize them, so picked a few frameworks:

  • React and Bulma for the UI
  • Three.js + React Globe and D3.js for the 3D
  • as an abstraction layer for D3.js charts and the React integration.

we can then answer the above questions on

Drupal Earth map


This is still a playground so the roadmap is subject to change but the first things that I'd like to work on are:

  • Weekly incremental update and monthly full update
  • Extend data from core contributors to all Drupal users
  • Add 3D map controls
  • Add filters (filter projects by version, users by contribution type, ...)
  • Add other aggregations and improve results
  • Improve the UI
  • SSR / PWA / Gatsby