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First dev release of the Production Checklist module

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The Production Checklist module inherits from the Checklist API and is based on the active configuration of a Drupal 8 site. Its purpose is for site launch and maintenance.


Sections covered by this module:

  • System wide status and reports
  • Contributed projects review
  • Vendors, custom code and libraries
  • Spam related configuration and modules
  • Security and access control
  • Content model review and proofreading
  • Frontend basic checks
  • Database and configuration
  • Performance and caching configuration
  • Various test coverage
  • Analytics
  • Server configuration and backups
  • Basic SEO
  • Legal aspects
  • Project documentation


composer require drupal/production_checklist

Start ticking via Configuration > Development > Production Checklist

Optionally add or remove sections.

Production Checklist screenshot


Features to be implemented in forthcoming releases.


Due to the amount of items to check, filters can provide more context across sections.

  • Must have / nice to have
  • Launch / release / maintenance

Sections configuration

Each section could be added or removed via configuration (e.g. 'Sysadmin' or 'Legal' could be part of another validation process).


Be notified once a checked item has been invalidated by configuration (e.g. 'Email obfuscation' has been marked has checked but a new email field has been created and has not been protected against email address harvesting).

Production Checklist settings screenshot


There is an open issue about feedback and suggestions #2953875: Module feedback & suggestions.
Here is the list as a single page to facilitate content review.